Diet Plans On How To Lose Weight -How To Find The Right Diet?

Diet Plans On How To Lose Weight -How To Find The Right Diet?

With all the countless diet plans on how to lose weight, It makes it extremely difficult to choose one. Luckily for anyone reading this article, I am here to help. Around 4 billion people exist here on the planet earth. Out of all these people, many blood lines exist.

The way one body reacts to certain foods, may not always be equal to the way it reacts to the body of someone else. DNA is unique and we must remember this respectively when dieting.

Due to this simple fact, we must find a specific diet that will be the most effective to our particular body type. Let’s say our bodies reacted the same and were not unique. If this were the case, only one diet would be on the market and there would be no competition. The same diet would make us all incredibly fit.

This is not the case. I am going to be discussing some different types of diets out there. Based on different goals I will explain which diet matches up with a specific goal. I will also be going through the different body types. What body type are you? After reading my article, please comment and let us know what body type you are and I will be more than happy to help you find your own personal diet.

Body Type A: The Ectomorph

The first of the body types is the Ectomorph. This body type tends to be lean and sometimes very long or tall. For ectomorphs, it is almost impossible to gain muscle mass. I have a younger brother that is an ectomorph and I do not understand how he stays the same weight all the time. He must eat over 3,000 calories a day and never puts any fat on at all.

This body type is nice because being fat is never something to worry about. Not being fat is a good thing but the bad thing about this body type is its difficulty to put on muscle mass as well. Nobody wants to be called lanky or toothpick and in the men’s prospective, the ladies typically enjoy muscular guys.

I mentioned how “hard” it was to put on muscle mass, but I never said it was impossible. Here’s a list of some diet tips for ectomorphs:

Diet Tips

  • High calorie and carb meals
  • High fatty meals
  • High protein meals
  • Drink protein shakes before and during workouts
  • c4 supplement during workouts to give that extra energy boost.

Consume about 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day MINIMUM! As far as training goes, here is a small list of tips:

Training Tips

  • Limit cardio
  • Use Deadlifts (Very important core lift that will help pack on muscle mass.)
  • work out 3 days a week / 2 days low intensity cardio
  • High reps (try 10 sets of 10 reps)
  • Workouts should not exceed 45 min

Keep in mind, supplements can provide a lot of support. Krill oil, vitamins, and flax seeds can be extremely helpful in all body types not just this one. That also goes for sleep; the most important step. Without sleep the body will not recover fast and the body will be depleted of energy. It is just like when a cell phone did not charge for a whole day. 10 % battery life is not going to cut it, so remember to get that beauty sleep!

So are you an ectomorph? Comment below to share your body type and thoughts!


Diet Plans On How To Lose Weight -How To Find The Right Diet?

Body Type B: The Endomorph

The second body type I will be writing about is the endomorph. This body type tends to have more muscle than ectomorph and mesomorph. The issue though, is the amount of body fat that is also put on with the muscle. Endomorphs can easily put weight on and once that have gained the weight they typically keep it on.

This body consists of wide hips, short limbs and a very thick rib cage. This build will have a hard time getting lean for sure. In other words, one milkshake could potentially make your butt jiggle for a week. Not cool at all!

Need some diet tips for this build? No problem, here it is:

Diet Tips

  • No white break
  • No white rice
  • Low carb diet!
  • high protein and fibre
  • brown rice and oats
  • Veggies!!
  • Green tea can help with the weight loss as well

Unlike the other body types, this one requires that you be really careful of what you are eating. Some training techniques that can accommodate this diet and build is:

Training Tips

  • four days a week of hypertrophy training. ( Low reps but use heavy weights)
  • Cardio! Get your heart pumping.
  • On the last day really work your upper body. Do less weight but more reps.

Are you an endomorph Comment below and discuss your build with us!

Diet Plans On How To Lose Weight -How To Find The Right Diet?

Body Type C: The Mesomorph

The last body type I will talk about is the Mesomorph. If this happens to be your body type, I must say you have been struck by luck. The amazing part about this type is that naturally this body tends to stay muscular and fit. Does this mean no training exercises for this body type? Absolutely not.

Getting out of shape is still possible but the effort required to get back in shape and burn fat is much less than both other body types. This body’s metabolism reacts in a fast manner and fat just melts away while working out.

Diet tips for this body type:

  • 40% complex carbs
  • 30% lean protein
  • 30% healthy fats
  • Creatine responds well in this body type
  • Any healthy food for this body type
  • About 2,500 calories a day

Workout tips to compliment this body type:

  • Sprints
  • Vertical jump
  • Jump rope
  • Basically all polymetrics
  • Low reps
  • Power Moves

If you are a mesomorph make the most out of your body. There is amazing potential here and anyone with this body type should take full advantage of it. Train hard and eat healthy!

Is this your body type? Comment below to tell us what type of body you got!

Diet Plans On How To Lose Weight -How To Find The Right Diet?

Train Hard & Eat Right

Those are the three body types and how you should be eating and training based on what type of body you have. If your body does not fall in these three categories you might be an in-betweener. This means that you may have traits from two or three different body types.

If this is true, comment below for help on what you should eat and how you need to train your body to get that lean muscular body everyone wants! Until next time,

Have a nice day!







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  1. Nice! I have done diets before, but never thought about splitting it out into different body types. I guess everyone is different and requires different inputs, even to get the same output.

    Inspiring stuff!


    • Yeah, When I found out what body type I was everything changed for me. I used to workout the wrong way and it was so hard to get good results. Now it is much easier to stay in shape. What body type are you?

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