10 Best Core Exercises – Improving Overall Balance And Stability

10 Best Core Exercises – Improving Overall Balance And Stability

The core of the human body is responsible for our bodies stability. Without a strong core, balancing on a skateboard or even walking in a straight line would be difficult. These are only core exercises men. And women! A strong core can even lead to better sexual performance.

The core is made up of six different muscles. The upper, lower abdominal, side, back, gluten, pious muscles. Having a strong core with a low body fat percentage will give you a set of sexy Hawaiian beach abs. But this isint the only benefit of having an extremely strong core. A strong core will also protect your internal organs which is certainly useful, might I add.

So aside from being attractive, having this strong core will give you a nice set of natural body armor if you will. In the next set of paragraphs I’m going to be sharing some workouts that in my opinion are the 10 best core exercises known to man.


1. Scissor Crunches

10 Best Core Exercises - Improving Overall Balance And Stability

This exercise targets the lower abdominal. This exercise is almost like a regular crunch except you are going to raise your right foot straight up aiming towards the sky. At this moment your left leg must be extended out and your left foot must not go below 3 inches from the ground. Now you will execute a normal crunch and as your upper body lowers to about one inch from the ground switch legs. Repeat these steps until you can no longer do a crunch.

This exercise will define your lower abdominal in a very effective way. Doing normal crunches can also be as effective if done properly. Another one is the vertical leg crunch. In this instance, one must have both legs vertically straight but bent slightly at the knees. Contract abdominal s and move torso towards knees without chin touching the chest.

2. Planks

10 Best Core Exercises – Improving Overall Balance And Stability

Planks are another effective core strengthen en technique. What I love about this exercise is how easy it is to do. It is easy but it is one of those exercises where the phrase ” I feel the burn” comes into play. Yes, your body may feel like it is on fire, but that is okay because that means it is working!

The main area being worked here will be the upper and lower abdominal s and the gluten. How it is done is almost like a push up. Instead of holding yourself with your hands on the ground you will need to hold yourself up with your forearms and your feet. HOLD this position until you feel the burn and repeat.

3. Bicycle Kicks

The area being worked here is the obliques and lower abdominal s. Simply cross your arms across your chest and the objective here is to bring your left elbow to your right knee and vise versa in a bicycle pattern.


4. Russian Twist

Main area worked: obliques.

I like to call this one the terminator. Place feet flat on the ground knees bent sitting down in the crunch position. Extend arms out in front of chest with the palms of your hands facing downwards. Now twist to the right as far as you can without lifting your feet off the ground. Pause for about 3 seconds and then reverse motion in the opposite direction.10 Best Core Exercises – Improving Overall Balance And Stability

5. Superman

Main area worked: Gluten and back.

The good old superman exercise. This particular workout works wonders and I assure you, it does not require super powers. To execute, take the form of superman as if you are flying in the air but instead do this on the ground. Your arms should be reaching out in front of you. Now, tighten you gluten and stick your chest out. All at once, lift your arms, chest and legs off the ground. HOLD this position until you feel your muscles burning. Repeat until you can no longer hold that position.

10 Best Core Exercises – Improving Overall Balance And Stability

6. Plank Jack

Main area worked: Upper and lower abdominal s

This is almost identical to plank except this time your feet are going to be spread out and then moved to the standard position and this is repeated. It is truly amazing how changing one little position to an exercise can intensify it so much.

7. V-Tuck

Main Area Worked: Upper and lower abdominal s.

Almost like a sit up but bring legs in at the same time as doing the sit up and repeat. Here is a video of how to do a v tuck:

8. V-Ups

Main area worked: Upper abdominal s

Extend arms and legs while you lie down. Make sure you lock your knees and elbows. Try to lift lower body and upper body at the same time while trying to touch fingers to toes.

Still don’t get it? Here is a video to make things easy:

9. Raised Knee-in

Main area worked: Lower abdominal

Watch the video below to see how its done. If this one can’t make you sweat, then I don’t know what will. This may be hard at first but after a few times your lower abdominal will increase in strength. After this happens, this workout won’t be a problem to do.

10. Flutter Kicks

Main area worked: lower abdominal

This is another great core workout. I recommend this one more to women. It really strengthens those inner thighs a bit and is another great one for the lower abdominal. Watch the video and comment if you have any questions about this one.

Stronger Core, Stability & Balance

These are the 10 best core workouts that will get your body rocking. Try these workouts and see how much you can accomplish. If a stronger core and a six-pack is what you are after; benefit from these simple yet effective routines. And the best part about it is no equipment is necessary!

Strengthen your core from the comfort of your own home!

Please comment below about these workouts and your thoughts on them. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Good luck to you all!






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  1. This is an excellent list of core exercises that don’t require a million dollars worth of equipment. My wife and I have started doing yoga but find that I am not getting level of strengthening and endurance that I need. Would you say that the core exercises you listed here are as good or better than that available through yoga?

  2. Thank you I agree, these are some great core workouts. Definitely! These will give you a more intense core workout than yoga, although yoga is very good for balance. That’s great you are into that, just add some of these workouts and you will be golden. How long have you been doing yoga for?

    I might get into that myself, I need to do some work on my balance and this would be perfect for that.


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